§ 27.


It shall be unlawful to construct and maintain a stable, or to maintain an existing stable for one or more horses, donkeys, mules, cows, goats or livestock without a permit therefor from the Department of Public Health. The provisions of this Section and the provisions of Part II, Chapter I, of the Municipal Code shall not apply in cases where not more than two female goats are kept for the exclusive use of the owner’s family.

No permit shall be granted for a stable hereafter to be constructed and maintained, or for the future maintenance as a stable of a building not used as such, except on the report of the Department of Public Health, or other such satisfactory evidence, that the proposed place of construction or maintenance of such stable is unobjectionable from the point of view of sanitation and of the health and physical welfare of the inhabitants of the immediate neighborhood of its location.

The provisions of this Section and the provisions Part II Chapter I of the Municipal Code shall not apply to an activity where, for less than 12 hours per day, horses are being hitched or unhitched, or standing or being fed waiting to be hitched or unhitched, provided such activity does not require or involve the construction or maintenance of a building.

The Department of Public Health shall not refuse a permit for the maintenance of a stable in a building now constructed and maintained as a stable except upon satisfactory evidence that such stable is conducted in an insanitary manner and the failure to remove the objection to the manner of its maintenance within a time to be prescribed by said Department.

A permit granted hereunder is subject to revocation by the Department of Public Health.

No permit shall be refused or revoked by the Department of Public Health except after a full hearing, and then only in the exercise of a sound and reasonable discretion by said Department.


(Amended by Ord. 75-87, App. 3/20/87)


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