§ 39.



Any person who owns and/or is in control of a dog that bites a human or other domestic animal shall provide his or her name and address and present his or her driver’s license or other form of identification and information regarding the rabies vaccination of the biting dog to the person bitten or the person responsible for the animal bitten. The owner or the person in control of the biting dog shall provide his or her current residence address. If the person bitten is a minor, the owner or person in control of the biting dog shall provide the required information to the parent or guardian of the minor.


In addition to the above requirements, it shall be the duty of any person having knowledge of any animal which has bitten a human being or other animal within the City and County to immediately, and in no case later than the end of the next business day, report the fact to the Department of Animal Care and Control and to furnish as much information as possible, including date, time and location of bite, description of animal or person bitten, name and license number of the biting animal, and rabies vaccination history of the biting animal.


(Added by Ord. 14-05, File No. 041555, App. 1/21/2005)


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