§ 41.19.



Every resident of the City and County who procures a young dog over the age of two months from any animal shelter shall register such dog with the Department of Animal Care and Control, Tax Collector or other agency authorized to issue said certificate. Upon payment of a deposit equivalent to the amount of a license fee set pursuant to Section 41.15 of this Article, the owner or guardian of the young dog shall be issued a temporary identification tag and young dog certificate. The certificate shall be valid until the dog attains the age of four months, or has received an antirabies vaccination, whichever occurs first. Upon expiration of the certificate, the Tax Collector, the Department of Animal Care and Control, or other authorized licensing entity will notify the owner or guardian that the certificate has expired and upon satisfactory proof that the dog has been vaccinated in compliance with Section 41.18 of this Article, the owner or guardian shall be provided with a valid license for said dog as provided in this Article.


If an owner or guardian fails to procure a license within one month after the expiration of the young dog certificate, the deposited license fee shall be forfeited and the owner or guardian shall be deemed to be in violation of Section 41.15 of this Article.


(Added by Ord. 280-92, App. 8/31/92; amended by Ord. 2-02, File No. 010491, App. 1/18/2002; Ord. 5-03, File No. 021645, App. 1/24/2003)


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