§ 41.5.



The Animal Control Officer shall have the following powers and duties:

1. To enforce the provisions of Sections 41.1 through 41.25, inclusive of this Article, and to impound any animal at large in violation thereof.

2. To cooperate with the Health Officer in the enforcement of animal quarantine directives.

3. To keep a record of the number, description, and disposition of all animals impounded or otherwise taken into custody, showing in detail in the case of each animal the date of receipt, the date and manner of disposal, the name of the person reclaiming, redeeming, or purchasing said animal; the fees, charges and proceeds of sales received, and such additional records as the Controller of the City and County may prescribe. Such records shall not be removed except upon written order of a court of competent jurisdiction or other duly constituted authority.

4. To appoint Deputy Animal Control Officers whose authority shall be the same as that of the Animal Control Officer as herein set forth.

5. To enter into agreements with individuals and entities, including but not limited to, other departments of the City and County, licensed veterinarians practicing in the City and County, retailers of pet supplies and providers of animal care services engaged in business in the City and County, and nonprofit organizations engaged in promoting animal welfare, to authorize these entities to receive applications and payment for dog licenses, and to issue such licenses in accordance with the requirements of Sections 41.15 through 41.20 and 41.23 of this Article.

It shall be unlawful for any person to oppose, resist, or otherwise interfere with the Animal Control Officer or his or her duly authorized deputies or agents in the performance of the duties herein set forth.


The Animal Control Officer and his or her deputies, while engaged in the execution of duties that involve field patrols, emergency response activities, impoundment of animals, issuance of citations, enforcement of animal quarantine directives, and any other activities related to the enforcement of animal care and control laws shall wear in plain view a badge, having in the case of the Animal Control Officer the words “Animal Care and Control Officer” and in the case of any Deputy Animal Control Officer the words “Deputy Animal Care and Control Officer” engraved thereon.


(Added by Ord. 226-73, File No. 136-73-1, App. 6/22/73; amended by Ord. 182-89, File No. 97-89-14, App. 06/05/89; Ord. 2-02, File No. 010491, App. 1/18/02)


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