§ 41.6.


Any animal engaging in an activity or existing in a condition which is prohibited by the provisions of Section 41.1 through 41.13, inclusive, of this Article, shall be taken up and impounded by the Animal Control Officer or taken to a veterinarian, as provided by State law.

It shall be the duty of every police officer, while on duty, to notify the Animal Control Officer of any animal which he or she knows to be injured or required to be impounded.

Any person may take up and deliver to the Animal Control Officer any animal at large in the City and County on public property or upon said person’s private property or any animal owned by such person. Upon releasing ownership or guardianship of an animal to the Animal Control Officer, the owner or guardian shall sign and be offered a receipt by the Animal Control Officer.

Every person taking up any animal under the provisions of this Section shall immediately thereafter give notice thereof to the Animal Control Officer, and every such person or any person in whose custody such animal may, in the meantime, be placed, shall deliver such animal to the Animal Control Officer without fee or charge, and the Animal Control Officer shall thereupon hold and dispose of said animal in the same manner as though said animal had been found at large and impounded.


(Added by Ord. 226-73, File No. 136-73-1, App. 6/22/73; amended by Ord. 77-75, App. 3/12/75; Ord. 280-91, File No. 118-90-7, App. 07/03/91; Ord. 5-03, File No. 021645, App. 1/24/2003)


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