§ 41.9.



In the discretion of the Animal Control Officer, except as otherwise provided in Sections 41.1 through 41.13, inclusive, of this Article, the Animal Control Officer may allow adoption, transfer, placement, or other disposition of any animal that has been impounded or taken into custody by the Animal Control Officer, which is not redeemed within the applicable holding period specified in Section 41.7 hereof or set under applicable state law. The Animal Control Officer shall collect a $15.00 fee for each animal adopted, plus any other applicable charges under this Article. If an individual adopting an animal is 65 years of age or older, the Animal Control Officer shall reduce the fee by 50 percent.


It shall be unlawful for the Animal Control Officer or anyone employed at the Department of Animal Care and Control to knowingly sell or give any animal impounded or otherwise taken into custody to any person, medical college or university for purposes of animal experimentation; or for any of the above to induce by or through fraud, misrepresentation, coercion or threats any violations of this Section.


If an animal is adopted under this Section, the receipt signed by the Animal Control Officer or such Officer’s agent shall be valid title to the adopter.


Any animal impounded or otherwise taken into custody by the Animal Control Officer, which, as determined by a licensed veterinarian, is suffering excessively, or is dangerous to keep impounded, shall be forthwith destroyed by the Animal Control Officer.


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