§ 65.


Reclamation by an owner who holds a currently valid permit of any impounded wild and potentially dangerous animal will be permitted upon the showing of said permit for said animal, upon receipt of permission for said reclamation from the Director, and upon the payment to the Animal Control Officer of the actual costs for the capture, impoundment and care of such animal. Any person owning a wild and potentially dangerous animal but not possessing a currently valid permit, may reclaim such animal only when said owner can assure the Director that the animal will be forthwith removed from the City and County of San Francisco, and after payment of the fees stated above to the Animal Control Officer. Any animal which has been impounded or taken into custody which is not reclaimed by the owner pursuant to this Section within fourteen (14) days after notice to reclaim has been given shall be deemed to be abandoned, and may be sold, destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the Animal Control Officer, provided, however, that if said animal is dangerous to retain or is suffering excessively, it may forthwith be humanely destroyed by the Animal Control Officer.


(Added by Ord. 81-78, App. 2/10/78)


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