§ 7.


No animal affected with any infectious or contagious disease shall be brought or kept within the limits of the City and County of San Francisco, except by permission of the Department of Public Health of said City and County.

It is hereby made the duty of all persons having any knowledge thereof to report promptly to said Department of Public Health all cases of animals affected with any infectious or contagious disease, and all cases which may be regarded as suspicious or which exhibit symptoms of any contagious or infectious disease.

The Department of Public Health shall, upon locating any animal sick as aforesaid, at once order a quarantine against the premises in which said animal is kept, said quarantine to operate only against the exposure of animals to contagion or infection, and shall not be a bar to any person from entering or leaving said premises, unless the disease with which the animal is affected is dangerous to mankind.

The owner or custodian of any sick animal as aforesaid must, upon demand by the Department of Public Health, show to the satisfaction of said Department that he or she is competent to properly care for said animal, or that the animal is under the care of a veterinary surgeon.

If any developed case of sickness shall be pronounced incurable by the said Department, or by its designated veterinary surgeon, said Department is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to kill the animal so infected with incurable sickness, and to make such disposition of the carcass thereof as it may deem best; provided, however, that if the owner or manager of said animal at the time of such decree has employed a recognized veterinary surgeon to treat the animal and said veterinarian does not agree with the Department of Public Health as to the impossibility of effecting a cure, then and in that event the owner or manager of such animal shall be given the benefit of the doubt, and a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days, shall be allowed such owner or manager in which to demonstrate to the Department of Public Health that the animal can be cured; and, provided further, that no carcass of any animal dead of an infectious or contagious disease, or killed on account thereof, shall be buried within 500 feet of any residence.



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