§ 854.



Prior to initiating installation of any alternate water source project, project applicants shall submit to the Director an application for permits to operate alternate water source systems. Such applications shall comply with the requirements of this Article and any regulations the Director has issued. Project applicants shall pay a non-refundable permit application fee to cover the costs of investigation and processing the application and issuing the permit. Each project application submitted to the Director shall include a Non-potable Water Engineering Report that provides project information the Director determines to be necessary for complete review of the proposed project. City departments may not approve or issue permits for any site installing an alternate water source system unless and until the Director has approved the Non-potable Water Engineering Report.

The Non-potable Water Engineering Report for district systems must include information on the permanent legal agreements between property owners, and provide documentation that each party is a willing and responsible participant in the district non-potable water use.


System Design. All buildings using non-potable water from alternate water source systems shall include:


A flow meter on the non-potable distribution system to account for non-potable water use;


A reduced pressure backflow assembly (RP) within 25 feet of the downstream side of the point of connection or meter to protect the City’s public water and/or recycled water system;


Signage that state law and the Department of Public Health’s rules and regulations require;


Cross connection control in accordance with California Code of Regulations Titles 17 and 22 and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Cross Connection Control Program;


Any other requirements the Director determines are necessary to protect public health.


Water Budget Documentation. Upon submitting a project application to the Director, a project applicant shall also submit Water Budget Documentation to the General Manager for review. Water Budget Documentation shall include a description and location of the proposed alternate water source system, the project’s water budget, and other applicable information as determined by the General Manager. City departments may not issue an encroachment permit, a site permit or plumbing permit, or approve a Non-potable Water Engineering Report unless and until the General Manager has reviewed the Water Budget Documentation.


Plumbing Permit. A project applicant shall obtain from the Department of Building Inspection an appropriate plumbing permit and any other building or installation permit required to construct, install, alter, an alternate water source system. Each parcel within a district shall obtain appropriate plumbing and any other building or installation permits required.


Encroachment Permit. A project applicant shall obtain from the Department of Public Works appropriate authorization for placement of any pipelines or other portions of an alternate water source system within the public right-of-way.


Construction Certification Letter. Project applicants shall certify to the Director that alternate water source system construction is complete and consistent with the approved Non-potable Water Engineering Report in accordance with the provisions of this Article 12C and any implementing rules and regulations. City departments may not approve or issue a first certificate of occupancy or approval for any alternate water source system until the Director has reviewed and verified the Construction Certification Letter.


(Added by Ord. 195-12, File No. 120717, App. 9/17/2012, Eff. 10/17/2012; amended by Ord. 208-13 , File No. 130765, App. 10/11/2013, Eff. 11/10/2013)


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