§ 855.



The non-refundable application fees for alternative source water system permits are:

(1) Rainwater $1,544.00
(2) NSF 350 systems $2,688.00
(3) Foundation Drainage $5,032.00
(4) Graywater $5,032.00
(5) Black water $9,034.00
(6) Transfer of any permit $229.00
(7) District Scale, the applicable amount above, plus $191.00 per hour for plan review and/or on site inspection.


The fees set forth in this Section may be adjusted each year, without further action by the Board of Supervisors.

Not later than April 1, the Director shall report to the Controller the revenues generated by the fees for the prior fiscal year and the prior fiscal year’s costs of operation, as well as any other information that the Controller determines appropriate to the performance of the duties set forth in this Section.

Not later than May 15, the Controller shall determine whether the current fees produce, or are projected to produce, revenues sufficient to support the costs of providing the services for which the fees are assessed and that the fees will not produce revenue that significantly exceed more than the costs of providing the services for which the fees are assessed.

The Controller shall if necessary, adjust the fees upward or downward for the upcoming fiscal year as appropriate to ensure that the program recovers the costs of operation without producing revenue which is significantly more than such costs. The adjusted rates shall become operative on July 1.


Every permit holder shall also pay an annual license fee as provided in the Business and Taxation Code Section 249.24.


(Added by Ord. 195-12, File No. 120717, App. 9/17/2012, Eff. 10/17/2012; amended by Ord. 208-13 , File No. 130765, App. 10/11/2013, Eff. 11/10/2013)


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