§ 910.



The operator of every ambulance or routine medical transport vehicle service shall adopt a color scheme and, after approval thereof by the Director, shall apply such color scheme to each ambulance or routine medical transport vehicle authorized by a permit. The Director shall not approve or allow adoption or application of any color scheme which imitates or conflicts with any other color scheme, authorized by this Article, in such manner as is misleading and would tend to deceive the public.

No sign, letter, color, appliance or thing of decorative or distinguishing nature shall be attached or applied to any ambulance or routine medical transport vehicle other than such as have been approved by the Director in the color scheme authorized for each such ambulance.


Notwithstanding Section 910(a) and in lieu thereof, an operator may adopt a color scheme consistent with specifications recommended by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation, as contained in Federal Specification Number KKK-A-1822, published January 2, 1974. At such time as the color scheme recommended in Specification Number KKK-A-1822 becomes mandatory for ambulances operated in the State of California, the requirements of Section 910(a) shall become inoperative.



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