§ 914.5.



Certificate of Participation Required. No Receiving Hospital or STEMI Center shall receive patients through Ambulance Service Providers without obtaining a Certificate of Participation from the EMS Agency. Any person seeking to obtain a Certificate of Participation must apply on forms provided by the Director, submit all necessary information, pay all applicable fees under San Francisco business and Professions Code Section 249.8, and allow inspections required by the EMS Agency. Failure to obtain a Certificate of Participation shall preclude a person from receiving patients through an Ambulance Service Provider.


Penalties. Following notice and a hearing, the Director may impose fines up to $1,000 per violation, per day, for each day a violation is committed or permitted to continue, or revoke or suspend a Certificate of Participation if the Director finds that any person violated this Article, regulations issued by the Director under this Article, or any applicable local, State or Federal laws.


(Added by Ord. 154-09, File No. 090702, App. 7/15/2009)


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