§ 1009.26.


Any person who is found by an administrative hearing officer or a civil court to have violated the requirements of this Article or State law pertaining to smoking shall be liable to the City for costs incurred in abating the effects of the violation, taking other remedial action, or imposing and collecting penalties, including but not limited to administrative costs, costs of issuing an order, inspection costs, hearing officer costs, and reasonable attorneys’ fees. The Controller’s Office shall set the amount of actual costs, based on an accounting submitted by the Department of Public Health within ten business days of the hearing or trial.

The hearing officer shall require in any order issued under this Section that the responsible party pay to the City the costs of any inspection or monitoring deemed necessary by the Hearing Officer because of the violation.


(Added by Ord. 58-10, File No. 091443, App. 3/25/2010)


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