§ 1009.27.



All final costs, fees, and administrative or civil penalties assessed against a person for violations of this Article shall be an obligation owed to the City by the person found to have violated State or local laws pertaining to smoking. Such obligation may be collected by means of the imposition of a lien against the property of the person or business against whom the final administrative or civil penalty was assessed, provided the violation occurred on that property. The City shall mail to the owner of the property a notice of the amounts due and a warning that lien proceedings will be initiated against the property if the amounts are not paid within 30 days after mailing of the notice.


Liens shall be created and assessed in accordance with Article XX of Chapter 10 of the San Francisco Administrative Code (commencing with Section 10.230).


(Added by Ord. 58-10, File No. 091443, App. 3/25/2010)


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