§ 19L.2.



“Event producer” means any person or organization charged with developing, designing, managing and/or implementing an outdoor event, and shall include any person or organization submitting a permit application under Article 6 of the San Francisco Transportation Code, except for individuals or neighborhood organizations applying for a Neighborhood Block Party.


“Neighborhood Block Party” means an a neighborhood gathering that is a one block closure in a residential neighborhood, does not block or affect intersections, and is sponsored by a neighborhood organization or individual who lives on the block to be closed.


“Outdoor Event” means an outdoor assembly regardless of the number of people gathering on property owned by the City and County of San Francisco (“City”), including sidewalks and streets that requires approval by the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT) and/or the Director of Transportation under Article 6 of the San Francisco Transportation Code, such as, but not limited to, street fairs, athletic events, performances, competitions, arts and crafts events, and food events, except Neighborhood Block Parties.


“Secondhand Smoke” means smoke emitted from lighted, smoldering, or burning tobacco, when the person smoking is not inhaling, smoke emitted at the mouthpiece during puff drawing, and smoke exhaled by the person smoking.


“Smoking” or “to smoke” means and includes inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted smoking equipment for tobacco or any other weed or plant, except that this Article shall not affect the policy making marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority under Chapter 12X of the Administrative Code nor affect any laws or regulations regarding medical cannabis.


“Smoking Signs” means the international “No Smoking” symbol, consisting of a pictorial representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle, with a diameter of at least three inches, with a red bar across it, and which includes a statement at the bottom of the sign that reads “SF Health Code Article 19L” in font no less than 1/8 inch in height.


(Added by Ord. 6-13 , File No. 120772, App. 2/4/2013, Eff. 3/6/2013)


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