§ 1196.



The degree of protection required by this Article is considered reasonable for regulatory purposes. The standards set forth in this Article are minimal standards and do not imply that compliance will ensure no unauthorized release of hazardous materials. This Article shall not create liability on the part of the City, or any of its officers or employees for any damages that result from reliance on this Article or any administrative decision lawfully made pursuant to this Article. All persons handling hazardous materials within the City should be and are advised to determine to their own satisfaction the level of protection desirable to ensure no unauthorized release of hazardous materials.


In undertaking this program to obtain disclosure of information relating to the location and handling of hazardous materials, the City and County of San Francisco is assuming an undertaking only to promote the general welfare. It is not assuming, nor is it imposing on its officers and employees, an obligation for breach of which it is liable in money damages to any person who claims that such breach proximately caused injury.


All inspections specified or authorized by this Article shall be at the discretion of the City and nothing in this Article shall be construed as requiring the City to conduct any such inspection nor shall any actual inspection made imply a duty to conduct any other inspection.


(Added by Ord. 399-97, App. 10/17/97)


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