§ 1506.



Transportation of Waste. Except as otherwise exempted pursuant to Subsection 1506(b), all medical waste shall be transported off-site by a hazardous waste hauler in leak-resistant and fully enclosed rigid containers in vehicle compartments. Medical waste shall be transported off-site only to a permitted medical waste treatment facility, a permitted transfer station, or a permitted large quantity generator for the purpose of consolidation before treatment and disposal pursuant to this Article and the Act; provided that, no large quantity generator shall accept off-site medical waste for purposes of consolidation before treatment and disposal without written permission from the Director or as provided in a permit under this Article.


No person shall transport medical waste in the same vehicle with other waste unless the medical waste is separately contained in rigid containers or kept separate by barriers from other waste, unless all of the waste is to be handled as medical waste under this Article.


Any persons manually loading or unloading containers of medical waste shall be provided by their employer at the beginning of each shift with, and shall be required to wear, clean and protective gloves and coveralls, changeable lab coats, or other protective clothing.


Application for Exemption. Small quantity generators may apply to the Director for an off-site limited-quantity hauling exemption, if the generator meets all of the following requirements:


The generator generates less than 20 pounds of medical waste per week, transports less than 20 pounds of medical waste at any one time, and has a management plan pursuant to Subsection 1504(d) or an information document pursuant to Subsection 1505(b) on file in the Director’s office.


The generator transports the waste himself or herself, or directs a member of his or her staff to transport the waste, to a permitted medical waste treatment facility or a permitted transfer station before consolidation or treatment and disposal.


The generator maintains a tracking document.


Any person transporting medical waste off-site in a vehicle shall have a tracking document in his or her possession while transporting the waste.


The original tracking document shall be provided to the facility receiving the medical waste.


Issuance of Hauling Exemption; Fee. The Director may issue or modify small quantity generator hauling exemptions with such conditions as necessary to protect public health and welfare. Every applicant for an exemption shall pay a fee of $175 in addition to the small quantity generator registration fee under Section 1504 or the nonregistrant fee under Section 1505.


(Added by Ord. 375-92, App. 12/23/92; amended by Ord. 176-04, File No. 040734, App. 7/22/2004; Ord. 148-08, File No. 080745, App. 7/30/2008)


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