§ 29.19.



Any member of the Department of Public Health may make an inspection of any massage establishment or solo practitioner massage establishment in the City for the purpose of determining that the establishment is in compliance with the provisions of state law or this Article or for the purpose of providing health and safety information to employees of the establishment. The Director shall adopt regulations under Section 29.25 governing the use of double doors or other structural devices that interfere with reasonable inspections and do not have legitimate safety or security purposes.


Nothing in this Section shall limit or restrict the authority of a police officer to enter premises licensed under this Article (1) pursuant to a search warrant signed by a magistrate and issued upon a showing of probable cause to believe that contraband is present or that a crime has been committed or attempted, (2) without a warrant in the case of an emergency or other exigent circumstances, or (3) as part of any other lawful entry in connection with a criminal investigation or enforcement action.


(Added as Sec. 1919 by Ord. 269-03, File No. 030995, App. 12/5/2003; redesignated and amended by Ord. 262-13, File No. 130400, App. 11/27/2013, Eff. 12/27/2013)


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