§ 3312.



The Director shall issue rules and regulations regarding the conduct of hearings concerning the denial, suspension or revocation of permits and the imposition of administrative penalties on medical cannabis dispensaries.


The Director may issue regulations governing the operation of medical cannabis dispensaries. These regulations shall include, but need not be limited to:


A requirement that the operator provide patients and customers with information regarding those activities that are prohibited on the premises;


A requirement that the operator prohibit patrons from entering or remaining on the premises if they are in possession of or are consuming alcoholic beverages or are under the influence of alcohol;


A requirement that the operator require employees to wash hands and use sanitary utensils when handling cannabis;


A description of the size and type of notice of hearing to be posted in a conspicuous place on the property at which the proposed medical cannabis dispensary is to be operated and the number of days said notice shall remain posted; and


A description of the size and type of sign posted near the entrances and exits of medical cannabis dispensaries providing notice that no medical cannabis shall be smoked, ingested or otherwise consumed in the public right of way within fifty (50) feet of a medical cannabis dispensary and that any person violating this policy shall be deemed guilty of an infraction and upon the conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of $100.


Failure by an operator to do either of the following shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of a medical cannabis dispensary permit: (1) comply with any regulation adopted by the Director under this Article, or (2) give free access to areas of the establishment to which patrons have access during the hours the establishment is open to the public, and at all other reasonable times, at the direction of the Director, or at the direction of any City fire, planning, or building official or inspector for inspection with respect to the laws that they are responsible for enforcing.


(Added by Ord. 275-05, File No. 051250, App. 11/30/2005; Ord. 225-06, File No. 060032, Effective without the signature of the Mayor)


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