§ 3314.



Any dispensary, dispensary operator or dispensary manager who violates any provision of this Article or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant to this Article may, after being provided notice and an opportunity to be heard, be subject to an administrative penalty not to exceed $1,000 for the first violation of a provision or regulation in a 12-month period, $2,500 for the second violation of the same provision or regulation in a 12-month period; and $5, 000 for the third and subsequent violations of the same provision or regulation in a 12-month period.


The Director may not impose an administrative penalty or take other enforcement action under this Article against a medical cannabis dispensary until the Director has issued a notice of violation and provided the operator an opportunity to be heard and respond as provided in Section 3316.


Nothing herein shall prohibit the District Attorney from exercising the sole discretion vested in that officer by law to charge an operator, employee, or any other person associated with a medical cannabis dispensary with violating this or any other local or State law.


(Added by Ord. 275-05, File No. 051250, App. 11/30/2005)


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