§ 3704.


The Director, after a public hearing, shall adopt and may amend guidelines, rules, regulations and forms to implement a Trans Fat Free Restaurant recognition program, including the application process, eligibility criteria, and qualification as a Trans Fat Free Restaurant. Eligibility and qualifications shall include, without limitation, thresholds and standards for storing, distributing, serving, or using trans fat. The regulations shall include the following:


Qualified restaurants shall apply to participate in the Trans Fat Free Restaurant program and pay an annual registration fee of $250.00 and any related cost for time and materials above the $250.00.


The Department will provide an official standardized decal to be posted at participating restaurants based on certification by the Department.


The Department will periodically inspect participating restaurants to determine compliance with the program and the department shall charge an amount not to exceed appropriate cost of any related inspection cost.


Restaurants qualifying for certification shall meet the criteria set for by the Department in the Regulations.


(Added by Ord. 13-08, File No. 071607, App. 2/7/2008)


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