§ 3802.



Motor vehicles are a major source of air pollution in the United States, particularly in urban areas;


Pollution from motor vehicles imposes severe health burdens on children and families living near freeways and busy roadways. Health research has consistently shown that persons living in close proximity to freeways or busy roadways have poorer lung functions and are more susceptible to develop asthma and other respiratory problems, compared with persons living at a greater distance;


To avoid the health problems associated with exposure to roadway pollution, the California Air Resources Board recommends avoiding the placement of residential and other sensitive uses within 500 feet (approximately 150 meters) of busy freeways and other busy roadways. However, significant residential development in the state is occurring in urban infill sites, near freeways or busy arterial roadways, potentially increasing these residents’ exposure to air pollutants and their associated health risks; and


This situation is exacerbated in the City of San Francisco, which, by virtue of being located on a peninsula, has a limited amount of land available for new residential development.


(Added by Ord. 281-08, File No. 080934, 12/5/2008)


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