§ 483.5.


No person, partnership, firm or corporation acting directly or through their agents, servants or employees shall offer or expose for sale or sell any raw milk products without first posting a warning sign as provided for in this section. The warning sign shall be posted immediately adjacent to any raw milk product offered or exposed for sale and shall be clearly visible to the patron at the point of sale. Such sign shall be not less than eight inches by 11 inches in size and shall be printed on a contrasting background and in a legible manner, conveying the following warning:

“WARNING: Raw milk products are not pasteurized and may contain organisms that cause human disease. They therefore should not be consumed by the very young; the very old; persons with illnesses which alter, or who take drugs which affect, the immune systems; and persons with severe chronic medical problems.”

The word “WARNING” shall be in a print of 84 point height and Helvetica type and the remainder of the text in a print of 24 point height and in Helvetica medium face, Futura medium face or Universe 65 type.


(Added by Ord. 375184, App. 8/31/84)


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